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The Difference Between CBD and Hemp

Both Hemp and CBD do not contain THC or provide the marijuana high. Both do come from the cannabis sativa plant. Hemp differs from CBD as it comes from the seeds of the marijuana plant. That is the main difference. And it is important to note Hemp does not have CBD. Both can help anxiety, pain and more. Results like anything else in life vary from person to person. Both can help some people.

The Difference Between CBD and Hemp

Hemp For Pain, Anxiety and Much More…It Can Work Too!

In addition to CBD, there’s Hemp for Pain, Anxiety and more. A big advantage of hemp is if it works for you then you can save money as hemp generally costs less than CBD. I’ve used hemp that I ordered on Amazon and found it helped my anxiety at times so it can work. Some people find they need CBD but other folks do fine with hemp. It really depends how bad your anxiety is. It’s definitely worth trying and it is lower in cost compared to CBD. I find sometimes I can get by with hemp and sometimes I need CBD.



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